The thrilling thirteenth issue of Cloudbank reaches for the sky, starting with Liz Robbins’ “Star Party” and Meg Files’ “Aurora Borealis.” We’re “In the hills above Kyoto,” thanks to Gary Young’s prose poem. “Dolphins” by Maya Ribault brings us closer to home, starting with: “Broccoli-crêpe evenings top pizza parlor picnics. . . . ” Christopher Buckley’s “Entropy by the Sea” clocks in at nine pages, with metaphysical musings “. . . trying to make sense of things.” Robert Morgan focuses on music in two of his three poems: “Carillonneur” and “The Oratorio That Was Time.” Editor Michael Malan writes about humor in his introduction, “Laugh, Laugh.” (See CLOUDBANK section for the complete introduction.) Three book reviews round out Cloudbank 13—the largest ever at 112 pages.